Sunday, 19 August 2012

BUKHU  - A Thoroughly Modern Mongolian.
Traditional instruments and Throat Singing at its best
(aka Bukhuluun Ganburged) www. 

He’s an interesting man in anyone’s language.  You get the impression that anything capable of making a sound will be co-opted into his arsenal; supporting the most ancient of music or the newest of his tunes and songs with equal ease.  What he can do with a mobile phone ring tone, used to have to be supplied by two or three members of a band.

Added to his beloved Horse-fiddle, a completely ancient traditional instrument, he may use other, unnamed stringed things, a jews harp maybe, or all sorts of electronic wizardry, and then his voice as well.  More layers than an onion?

The voice intrigues me most.  He uses it as we would, vaguely baritone and mellow. (not thin and reedy like some oriental singers).  Then, with no warning other vocal sounds emerge interwoven with everything else he’s doing.  He explains there are four main tones possible in throat singing, from a high shimmer – like Northern Lights, but in sound, then on down to a bad, bad grumble.  He’s a natural teacher and tells you how to do it.
With a twinkly sense of humour, he makes himself understood in slightly halting English, obviously enjoying the interaction.  He is a new Aussie and his version of Waltzing Mathilda was so simple and loving it brought a lump to my throat.  Do come and see him.  For this man there are no barriers or divides – just music; and it’s great!
Bukhu performs on 1st September 2012 at 7.30pm for the Newcastle and Hunter Valley Folk Club  at WESLEY Centre Hall, 150 Beaumont St. Hamilton – opp. The Exchange Hotel
Also on the night, to support the multicultural theme, will be the lovely young dancers from Marie Claire’s award-winning “Voyage of Irish Dance” school.  Additionally Bill Wiseman who is well known for his love of Irish Music especially the hauntingly beautiful Irish airs on whistle will also complete the lineup. 

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